The Adelante Team

Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson, General Manager

A native of Illinois, Sophia graduated with an M.S. in Plant Biology from the University of Illinois in 1996 and worked in biological research in Illinois and New Mexico.  After four years, Sophia was ready for a new experience and moved to Honduras to improve her Spanish language skills and learn about a different culture. After teaching high school sciences at an American school for eight years, Sophia joined the Adelante team as the International Development Coordinator in 2008.

Sophia quickly developed a passion for microfinance and Adelante’s potential to transform the lives of the rural poor in Honduras.  Sophia most enjoys visiting clients in the field and is moved by the remarkably cheerful and generous women despite their difficult circumstances.  She finds their optimistic attitudes and enterprising spirits truly inspirational! 

In early 2010, Sophia became the General Manager of Honduran Operations.  Her dedication and leadership have helped transform the organization, including reaching sustainability at the end of 2010.  Sophia lives in La Ceiba with her husband and two children.

Oscar Mejía, Manager of Operations Oscar_OUR_TEAM2

Oscar joined the team at Adelante as a Credit Officer in February 2005, working in the Tela, Atlántida area.  Subsequently, Oscar moved up through the ranks serving as Branch Office Supervisor in Intibucá and later the Southwestern Zone Supervisor. After years of dedication, today Oscar holds the position as the countrywide Manager of Operations.  Oscar enjoys his work because he is helping poor families improve their quality of life, and also contends that Adelante has been one of his most rewarding professional experiences.  Deeply committed to Adelante’s mission, Oscar would like to help even more families leave behind a life of poverty, ¨So I invite everyone to believe in Adelante the way I do!¨

Claudia Nuñez, Head AccountantClaudia_OUR_TEAM_2

Claudia entered the Adelante team as an accountant in June 2007 after graduating from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras with a degree in Finance and Accounting.  Six months later, Claudia was promoted to Head Accountant, a testament to her work ethic and dedication to Adelante’s mission.  Claudia confirms, ¨It has been a wonderful experience working for this institution because there is a social motivation, which is not the case for many jobs.¨

Gabriela Puerto, Finance Director

Gabriela began in October 2010 as an accountant after graduating from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras with a degree in Public Accounting and Finances. After completing her Masters studies in Finance she was promoted to Finance Director in August 2012. 

For Gabriela, working at Adelante has been the best opportunity of her life, particularly in terms of professional growth. She affirms, "There is no better work than that which is done to strengthen those who are most in need."

Nicolas Flores, Assistant Manager of Operations and La Ceiba Agency Supervisor nicolas1

Nicolas began his professional experience with Adelante in January 2005 as an Adelante Credit Officer in Tocoa, Colon.  In 2007, Nicolas joined the team at the La Ceiba Agency as a Credit Officer, and in 2008, was promoted to Branch Officer Supervisor. In addition to currently acting as the La Ceiba Agency Supervisor, Nicolas has now been named as Assistant Manager of Operations, overseeing the operations across all five branch offices. Nicolas has a degree in business management.

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