This Is Why We Are Different

Why_we_are_differentCommitment to our Mission

Adelante is driven by the desire to see its clients achieve positive outcomes in their lives.  Each decision that is made at Adelante is considered within the context of its mission, which is to improve the standard of living of women and their families in rural Honduras.  Adelante has expanded tremendously since its creation, but the objective year to year never changes: help more Honduran women climb out of poverty.

Non-Collateralized Loans

Adelante is proud that it offers the poorest of the poor the opportunity to improve their lives through microfinance. Since the rural poor lack collateral, Adelante would not be able to achieve its mission without offering non-collateralized loans.  Clients do not need to own a home or offer another form of collateral to take out a loan, instead the social pressure involved in the solidarity group lending structure affords eligibility to those who need it the most.

Client Focused

Adelante’s microfinance model is centered on its clients.  The loan and education programs developed over the years in response to the needs of the rural women Adelante serves.   Adelante offers its clients not just a flexible loan program with a simple qualification process, but also business education to develop profitable micro enterprises.

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