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Don't miss your chance to receive a documentary about Adelante made by four-time Emmy documentary firm award winner Hank Bargine and the HDNet cable network.  This informative and touching documentary will give you a comprehensive understanding of what Adelante does, and how women's lives are dramatically improved as a result.  The DVD contains an abbreviated fifteen-minute version as well as the longer version that aired on HDNnet.  
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Book Shelf
  • The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank
    by David Bornstein
  • Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty by Muhammad Yunus, Alan Jolis
  • Microfinance and Poverty: Questioning Conventional Wisdom
    by Hege Gulli
  • The New World of Microenterprise Finance: Building Healthy Financial Institutions for the Poor
    by Maria Otero (Editor), et al
  • An Operational Guide for Micro-Enterprise Projects
    by ACCION International/The Calmeadow Foundation
  • Rural Development: Putting the Last First
    by Robert Chambers
  • Give us Credit: How Muhammend Yunus' Micro-Lending Revolution is Empowering Women from Bangledesh to Chicago
    by Alex Counts
  • Banking on the Rural Poor
    by David S Gibbons and Sukor Kasim
  • Cloning Grameen Bank: Replicating a Poverty Reduction Model in India, Nepal and Vietnam
    by Helen Todd-I.T. Publications
  • The Grameen Reader
    by David S. Gibbons 


Web Links

Microcredit Information Links
 Microcredit Summit - The global campaign to extend microcredit to the world's poorest
 Grameen Bank - The Bangladesh credit bank whose success has inspired the world
 The Grameen Foundation - Responsible for Grameen Replicators (like Adelante) world wide
 CGAP - Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest
 The Microcredit Information Exchange - The MIX - See how Adelante compares to other microcredit organizations
 Note: to see Adelante's profile you must join their free website. There is no obligation required for membership.

Non-Profit Links
 Women’s Empowerment  – Adelante partner
 Rotary International  – Rotary Clubs support Adelante
 Inter-American Foundation  – Adelante partner
 Planeterra  – Adelante partner
 Grameen Foundation USA  – Adelante partner
 MyFight  – Adelante partner
 Guidestar  – information on NGOs registered in United States
Honduras Information Links:
 Honduras - The WWW Virtual Library
 One World News - Honduras article database
 La Prensa - Honduras' most widely circulated newspaper
 Worldbank - Great info source on 3rd world poverty
 Lonely Planet - General Honduras information
 Project Honduras - Information about non-profit organizations working in Honduras
 Honduras Weekly  – English Language news Blog on Honduras

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