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2013 Annual Report

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Legal Identities 

Adelante Foundation
Click on the link below to see a digital copy of the IRS letter approving Adelante Foundation's request to be a registered non-profit US entity. This is also know as a US 501 (C)(3) status. 

IRS Letter Page 123

Fundación Adelante

In order to operate a non-profit in Honduras it is necessary to be granted the status of Personeria Juridica by the Honduran government. To view a digital copy of Fundación Adelante's Personaria Juridica click on the links below. 

Personaría Jurídica Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


At Adelante we strive to maintain the highest level of transparency in every aspect of our operations. For this reason we have our finances independently audited every year. These audited statements are reflected in the Internal Revenue Service Form 990 which all US non-profits are required to submit annually. To view our most recent IRS Form 990, click on the link below:

Adelante 2013 Financial Statements

IRS Form 990 for 2013

IRS Form 990 for 2012


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