07 Feb
  • By Sophia Anderson
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In the Field with Adelante’s General Manager

I recently visited a rural area outside the city of Choluteca where we are opening a new assembly. Three of our clients from an existing assembly recently moved to this area and currently must walk an hour in the blazing sun just to catch the bus that takes them to their assembly every two weeks. […]

05 Feb
  • By Hannah Bick
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The Multiplier Effect: Why Investing in Women is the Most Effective Means of Sustainable Development

Between living within a machista Honduran society and working for a women-oriented microfinance institution, I have found myself leaning more and more towards gender-focused theories of development. It is hard not to believe in the transformative nature of women’s empowerment after seeing firsthand the often grim circumstances our female clients have endured, and the incredible […]