27 Aug
  • By Asma Modi
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Serving Clients Through Financial Education Lessons

In order to empower Honduran women to make sound business decisions, Adelante is providing financial education lessons to its clients. These important lessons will teach clients financial skills that’ll not only help them with their businesses, but will also keep them from over indebting themselves. The new lessons cover topics critical for any businesswoman to […]

01 Aug
  • By Eve Dolkart
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Not All Flee for Fear

While capturing some of the most perilous quarters of San Pedro Sula, photojournalist Ross McDonnell covers chilling realities afflicting many inner-city dwelling Hondurans. In Honduras, such ghastly scenes of street violence and busloads of traumatized migrants flood our screens and news sources on a daily basis. The world has witnessed that this insecurity is dire, […]