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Guest Blog – Assembly Meeting Visit

Lindsey Doolittle

Beautifully written, Lindsey! I was honored to accompany you on that visit. Unity, discipline, hard work and courage reflect the strong stand of those women entrepreneurs in that mountainside village. God bless them!

Hi Lindsey, I’ve just heard about adelante foundation and started to check out the website. I came across your post and I have a similar connection to Honduras, as you. I’ve been on a number of visits, as has my daughter, Lindsay, and have sponsored a child who has been living in an orphanage. It’s been six years and he has graduated from Agricultural school and is trying to continue to go on to University. He no longer lives at the home/school (orphanage) and I am trying to find a way to help him. He lives with a friend’s mother who struggles to make ends meet. I am fascinated to hear the story about your family and how your parent’s were able to bring the Honduran children home to Chicago. I’ve often wondered if I could bring Michael, my son, back here to Boston, where I live. I think it would be a very difficult transition for him. I’d somehow like to help him become a self sufficient and self reliant, productive member of is own country. It is very difficult in Honduras and he is in Tegucigalpa. I love what Adelante is doing to help the poor and particularly woman.

Hi Louise,
Thank you for your comment. I can get you in touch with Lindsey if you want to email us – abullion@fundacionadelante.org

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